July 23, 2024
management safety

Most employers strive to offer a safe work environment. They don’t want anyone to get hurt while on the job. They don’t want any trouble with regulations and they don’t want to pay hefty defines. Consequences are in place to hit employers hard in the wallet when they are negligent in an effort to make sure they do their part. While their goals include a productive business making money, they can’t push employee safety to the wayside.

Sometimes, employees notice something that is a potential risk, that management hasn’t addressed yet. They don’t work in the same capacity as their employees and that means something important can slip through the cracks. When you notice it, you have a responsibility to report it. You will feel terrible if someone working in that New Brunswick business gets hurt because you kept quiet. Don’t feel like you are rocking the boat, give management the chance to address it.

How to Report it

The New Brunswick business you work for may have a procedure in place to report safety concerns. Some have a way you can report it anonymously if you don’t want your name attached to the report. A business can’t treat you poorly or fire you for reporting a potential safety hazard. You have the right to not engage in duties linked to that perceived risk until it is addressed and they can’t penalize you for that decision.

Follow the procedure to report any potential safety risks as soon as it comes to mind. This may include a written report or talking to your manager. Report as much information as you can. What were you doing when you thought of that risk? Was there an incident where you or someone else could have been hurt? What are your primary concerns about the problem? Do you have any solutions to offer for taking care of this safety concern? Be as thorough as you can so they have the details to investigate it further.

If the business has a team of employees that reviews potential safety concerns and risks, you may be asked to speak with them. Don’t be nervous to do so, you are offering information that can help keep other people safe. Everyone in the business should do their part to be aware of any risks so they can be taken care of. A safe work environment is important as an accident can cause someone severe pain, prevent them from working again, or result in death.

What if they don’t do Anything?

If the employer isn’t taking the potential safety risk seriously and investigating it, that is a problem. They are knowingly not intervening in what could be a safety problem. Report that New Brunswick business by calling 1-800-999-9775. Press one for urgent matters and 2 for all others, and you will be connected to an agent. They will document your complaint and look into the situation with that employer.