June 14, 2024

Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to workplace safety. Employers have to create a safe environment for work to be reasonably performed. Eliminating risks and providing adequate training reduce the risk of serious injuries or death. Advances in technology help improve methods, further reducing such risks.

Employees have a responsibility on the job to pay attention to their surroundings and not cut corners. While they want to be productive, safety should always be at the top of their list. Awareness to what is taking place around them, the best practices, and reporting anything that could be a safety problem are important. Employees should never be afraid to ask for further training or sharing that they don’t feel comfortable performing certain tasks due to safety concerns.

In New Brunswick, all employers with three or more employees at any time during the calendar year must have WorkSafeNB coverage for them. This includes both full and part time employees. It also covers contractors and casual workers. The goal of this insurance program is to make sure employers are doing all they can to protect employees against possible injuries or death while working.

At the same time, WorkSafeNB offers a safe way for employees to report anything not being addressed by the company. It is upsetting when an employee shares a potential safety risk with their employer and they don’t investigate it or take steps to resolve it. If the employee still feels there is a risk, they can call and talk to someone with WorkSafeNB and they will come to the business and investigate it. This prevents employers from being negligent when it comes to safety concerns.

Even with the best efforts in place, accidents can still happen on the job. Some jobs are more of a risk than others. WorkSafeNB offers assistance to pay for medical care, lost wages, and other services if there is an accident in the workplace. This insurance coverage reduces the amount the employer pays out of pocket. It also gives the employee and their family peace of mind that they have resources and solutions to help them through the recovery process.

All of this falls under the Workman’s Compensation Act. Employers don’t want to lose their business because they get sued for a safety accident or a death. They can be sued if they are found to be negligent and out of compliance with the regulations that apply in New Brunswick. Under the guidelines of WorkSafeNB, the employee agrees to waive that right to sue the business.

Instead, they can pursue compensation through the insurance coverage. In some instances, rehabilitation services are also provided. It is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and it depends on the factors involved in that situation. The medical assessment for the employee also determines how much compensation they receive and any other types of services extended to them.

The goal is for the employee to eventually be able to return to their job in New Brunswick. If they aren’t able to do so because of the injuries on the job, disability management services and payment may be possible through WorkSafeNB.