May 29, 2024

Is Your Child Safe at Work?

parentsHard to believe it, isn’t it? Your child is marching off to work. Maybe it’s a part-time job, an after-school thing – or maybe it’s a summer job, or their first full-time position. They’re excited about earning some real money of their own and you’re proud that they’re stepping out into the real world. But you might also be a bit worried. What if their job requires that they work with heavy equipment, hot grease, toxic chemicals or fast-moving equipment? What if they need to work at a height, or on a boat, in a trench or with dangerous tools? These worries could keep you awake at night.

You’re not powerless in this new experience, though. You play a vital role in ensuring your child’s safety at work. Here are a few suggestions to help you guide your child safely through those first days, when they know the least about their job and are the most anxious to please their new employer.

Remind your child that they can come to you for help if they have a concern about their safety at work. They might be more likely to discuss the issues they’re worried about with you than with their supervisor.

Encourage your child to be confident about asking questions and asserting their rights at work. If they know you’re in their corner, they’ll have a head start at getting what they need to be safe at work.

Ask them questions. This is critical. When your child starts a new job, they might not be aware of the health and safety orientation and job-specific safety training they’re supposed to get.
If your child isn’t getting the required training, or if they’re worried they might be injured at work, help put them in touch with WorkSafeNB, or make the call together (1 800 222-9775).